World Line Convergence

World Line Convergence

You must have heard the phrase

“Being in the right place at the right time”

“Being in the wrong place at the wrong time”

and by extension

“Being in the x place at the y time”

I think this is the easier way I can introduce the complex phenomenon I am going to talk about in this blog. Let me introduce different terms with an unpleasant example. Let’s say an event like a gruesome accident is about to happen at a certain place at a certain point in time. This specific space-time is an attractor. Attractor is a mathematical concept which we are using here for a simple case of space-time.

The path an object takes in space-time is called a world line. One example of the world line of a person starts with the time of conception in the mother’s womb and ends with the time of death in a certain place.

Convergence or concurrence of world line is when two world lines meet i.e. your world line and your friend’s world line when you bump into each other at Starbucks. As you can see by now world line is a misnomer as it’s really a world curve. Although, it is similar to a line in the sense that there are no loops, or, in other words, you will never arrive at the same point in space-time twice: What happens when you come back home every evening or, on a larger scale, when earth comes back to the same point every year? It is only the same for the three spatial dimensions(that is also relative, in the case of house stationary earth and in the case of earth stationary sun) but in the dimension of time, we’ve already moved on; no loops. The concept of a world line does not only apply to animate but inanimate objects, but that’s not relevant here.

Now comes the hypothesis: My hypothesis is that there is certain probability for a world line to hit an attractor (remember, an attractor here is not just a point in space but point in space at a certain time). Everyone in the world has as probability between 0 and 1 of being at this accident that is about to happen. Most of the people will have it at 0 (almost all people) except for a very few.

Now let’s expand the attractor here in all 4 dimensions. Visualize that accidents happen within a certain duration of time and a certain volume of space. This is basically a manifold and this manifold is different in size for different cases. i.e. The probability of you and your friend meeting today is relatively high; the time dimension of the attractor may be narrow but the in the space dimension, it may be rather big. There could be other people at same Starbucks at the same time but they are irrelevant. How do we take that noise out?

There is a simple way. How much entangled you are to that person. Here I am taking some liberty with the word entanglement to define it as how many times you have met that person in the past and for how long. 

The interesting thing about the probability of converging with an attractor is that it can be manipulated. We have to get into a bit of an esoteric realm to understand this. The tool to manipulate it is called thought imprints. Thought imprints can be made by either a supernatural or a seer with those capabilities. Seers mostly avoid interfering with nature’s functions unless it is for some sort of holy work. Even for holy work they can get into a lot of trouble for doing it.