Why thinking is overrated

  • Thinking too hard

I always wonder why thinking is so overrated. The people who think most are generally found in mental asylums while the people who think least are mystics, visionaries & scientists.

A mystic sitting in the Himalayas. In a relaxed but attentive posture. Doing nothing, feeling nothing, being nothing. Not a focused but abstracted mind. In fact so feeble a mind that it is almost like there is no mind. There is no I, no ego. Not drunk, not in a delusion. Fully conscious but consciousness in it’s feeblest of the form.

Going over each thought is like going over spam folder. Yes, there is a chance something useful may come out of it once in a while but time wasted combing it is better spent somewhere else.

Most of the thoughts and their extension emotions are pure noise. We pay attention to thoughts because we think those thoughts belong to us. We somehow identify ourselves with them. In this wane effort, we ignore wisdom which comes if we identify ourselves with higher consciousness. Some people call it deep thought but that’s underrating it. Wisdom is not thought at all but the gem which arises due to lack of thought.

Where thoughts stop, wisdom starts. Most innovation & introspection happens in this blank space called quiet mind.

My latest interest in a meditative stage which sometimes is called nirvikapla samadhi. It essentially is the stage in doers and the act merge together or seers merges into the scenery.
Some people call it’s milder version “thinking time”. Thinking(less) time is the secret to most rich and successful.