Why Are Humans So Class Conscious?

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There are a few luxuries wealth can afford you. Flying premier class is one of them.

When you see others waiting in line while you are zipping through, your mind automatically thinks about it. I am sure you all have felt the same while zipping through in the carpool lane. I am sure others waiting or trudging slowly along in the regular car lanes have also thought about this, but perhaps not so sympathetically.

But let’s pause for a moment and think about it.

Can exclusivity be bestowed upon everyone? For when everyone is exclusive, no one is exclusive.

Is Exclusivity Earned?

This sort of exclusivity has always existed in human society and will always remain so. What makes a difference is whether the exclusivity is earned? When you buy a green car and help save the earth, you have earned exclusivity. When you actually carpool the same logic applies. When you have taken risks and slogged for years to earn a little bit of success, you have earned at least a little right to enjoy some comfort while flying.

The American Way

One thing which always fascinated me about America is the concept of admiring the rich and successful. You can say it: “If he can do it, I can do it too!” in a loose sense. A loose sense is important because I cannot become the next Larry Ellison, Larry Page or Mark Zuckerberg.

Everyone has a unique gift by which they can carve out their own definition of success. And everyone also has a unique set of limitations which narrows down his or her choices.

Using the same logic, my scope of wealth and success is fairly limited in the big scheme of things, I think. But it does not take away my right to admire the rich and successful, though.

Unfortunately, I see this American way of life getting lost. I see this whole class of socialist trash emerging which despises the rich and successful and the words rich and successful. Remember, I grew up in socialist India. So I know it all extremely well. In every movie, the hero is a poor guy, while the antagonist is a rich businessman.

This mindset was so self-destructive that India remained an utterly impoverished country for decades, until it liberalized its markets. There was a term called the “Hindu rate of growth” to reflect the poor or slow rate of India’s growth.

The Socialist Trash

Some humans have a tendency to blame others for their circumstances. This phenomenon becomes dangerous when these people unite and become a victim class. This victim class can justify any action it takes. When I heard of a window being smashed on a Google bus last year, I could see it happening.

Here I am not referring to the underprivileged class which has a painful history of challenges. But am actually talking about that class of people who has a level playing field, yet, it would rather sit around and lazily watch football and guzzle beer than do hard work and accomplish something productive.