What Else Could I Be?

Once in a while the thought occurs to me and enters my mind that if I were not a businessman + techie, what else could I be? What else would I be doing? Then I entertain several possibilities, which can be a very interesting experiment, though it does have a limited list of possibilities.

Let’s start with what I could not be (no matter how my life was sliced!):

  1. Cricketer
  2. Singer/Musician/Rapper
  3. Sportsman in general

Now let’s get to what I could possibly be. The ones highlighted are those I would still strive to become no matter what happens and irrespective of likelihood:

  1. Civil Servant (I have contemplated going in this direction for a few months)
  2. Theoretical Physicist
  3. Politician/Public Servant
  4. Writer
  5. Journalist

Could I be an ascetic? Perhaps, but I would still need to work a lot of things out before clearing the pathway for such a vocation. But it may take few lifetimes to reach!