Virtues of Thoughtlessness

Let me start with an incident.

It was springtime in 1993 and I was busy preparing for JEE. It was six a.m. in the morning and I had to go and pick green leaves for our buffalo. For the uninformed, in India water buffalo are domesticated for milk (even more than cows), and I belonged to a community of herdsmen.

For some reason an idea came to my mind that for half an hour–which it would take to go and get green hay–I would let myself try to keep my mind without any thoughts. It was an awesome experience. and the peace I felt made a lasting impression upon me.

When at IIT, I initially got attracted to ISKCON, which was great but did not help me with supernatural disturbances. When I got introduced to vipassana, it acted directly upon this. The primary reason being that I am clairsentient, and vipassana essentially is about observing sensations in a balanced way.

After practicing vipassana for 17 years, I am getting attracted to thoughtlessness again. As I progress on the path, there should be a stage when thoughts would cease to exist while in a meditative stage.

While that does happen whenever the time is ripe, some conscious effort to keep the mind still is working out really well.