Train Your Subconscious for Success

Train Your Subconscious for Success

Your subconscious is not you but your boss.

The subconscious goes by the facts, not fiction. It observes what you do, and based on that it predicts what you’ll do in the future. It does not go by what you think or claim.

It does not differentiate whether you are dealing with exercise, daily meditation, project deadlines or anything else.

Let’s take an example. If you commit to do meditation for half an hour…

After 20 minutes you get bored or think you have done enough for the day or some other excuse. Your conscious mind gets fooled by it.

Your subconscious, however, will simply register one thing. This guy committed to half an hour and does not keep his commitments.

On the second day you plan to exercise for one hour. After 45 minutes you feel you’ve done enough for the day. And it could be enough for the day.

But for the subconscious, you committed to one hour and you did not honor it.

Now the subconscious gets into predictive analytics. Since you already screwed up the last 10 commitments, there are chances in the future you’ll also do the same.

A loser is born.

Now consider another case. You make small reasonable commitments to yourself. Whether it’s daily mediation, exercise or a daily task list.

You don’t over-commit but keep your commitment. For the subconscious, you make a commitment and you keep it. Simple.

Notice it does not matter whether you committed to five minutes of exercise or one hour.

The subconscious only understands 0’s and 1’s. Either you keep it or not.

Now again, predictive analytics come into play. Now you commit to something bigger, something you have not done before. And your subconscious will say this guy has the habit of honoring commitments and will honor this commitment as well.

And a winner is born.