Buddha said two traits are highest and extremely rare in humans, and they are:

1. Gratitude

2. Helping others without expecting anything in return

The opposite of these two, especially thanklessness, is all too common. After being in the business world for eight years now, I am still shocked by the prevalence of thanklessness I see. What makes it most interesting is that you don’t see it in people you do business with. Most of the clients, as well as vendors, are always full of gratitude (and so are we always for giving us opportunity). To add to this, even competitors are always helpful.

I think thanklessness mostly comes from people who expect something for nothing. I was reading the definition of greed somewhere and it was exactly the same: “Expecting something for nothing.” The same definition extends to the entitlement mindset which is plaguing America. That does not mean it’s less in other countries.