Speaking Your Mind

Speaking Your Mind

Have you ever wondered why when you see broadcasters make blunders and they had not been more careful?

Whether it’s Rush Limbaugh on the far right or Bill Maher on the far left, all have had moments when they said something which they regretted or apologized for later.

The answer to why this happens is actually pretty simple: occupational hazard. If they did not speak their mind and sometimes throw caution to the wind, they would not be so famous in the first place. For people like it when you express your true thoughts, your real views and your actual opinions as they are.

The only individuals in public life who don’t do this are politicians, and you can imagine why so many people are suspicious and dubious of them.

I face a similar challenge sometimes, though on a much smaller scale. So that whenever I think I should make an attempt to filter my communication or suppress my true feelings, I realize I would not be me if I did this.

I believe if you say something which is not appropriate, then you should change the thinking pattern which led to its occurrence, rather than controlling or suppressing your honest expression.