Source of creativity 

  • Source of Creativity

There is a lot of talk about Mark Zuckerberg mentioning to Narendra Modi a certain temple he visited in India upon Steve Jobs’ suggestion. If we go by what Mark said, then his month-long visit to this temple got his creative juices flowing and now Facebook is where it is. 

A few weeks back, I wrote about the role of aether in advancement of human civilization. Now, aether is a convenient term to describe a phenomenon. The best way to think of this term is that you learnt it the first time. Aether leads to flow of serotonin like a chemical which is primarily responsible for creativity. 
There are other ways to pump serotonin, like taking mood enhancing drugs, taking focus drugs and last but not the least, marijuana. Remember I said pump serotonin, not generate it. Let me explain the difference: Say, you have $100k in the bank. Generally, you are very conservative about spending it. For anything you want to buy, you look in many places to find the best deal. Now you take a drug which teleports you to vegas and you have fun there all night. The thrill you got by gambling and other things was too good. But what happened to your bank account. Cost of this thrill was, say, $98k. Now you are left with $2k which is not enough to even pay rent in bay area. This is what drugs do. They do not generate serotonin out of thin air but pump out to your blood stream whatever your body has accumulated over a long period of time. 

What if someone takes you to vegas free of cost? Well, nothing is really free, but there are techniques which help generate serotonin like chemicals or at least effects equivalent to that. They are:

  • Meditation
  • Chanting including Om
  • Flame

 Both meditation and chanting are easy to understand. What fascinated me most is the flame. There is a layer of aether (source: Sadhguru) which gets generated around a flame. This aether not only makes you calm and composed but also makes you more creative.