Selling Ice To An Eskimo!

  • People Buy From People They Trust Reminder Message

I get at least 100 emails every day. Most of them try to hard-sell me things which I do not want or need. The only thing it does is serve to annoy me. As I have stated sometimes in the past, my email often seems like a roll of toilet paper. Anyone can come and spin and spam it. Same thing is often true for my office phone, though most of the calls are picked up and handled by my team rather than me.

Whenever our marketing team suggests to me to start an email blast campaign, I shoot it down. I am sure it works for a lot of people, but I do not want potential customers to have to experience the same email spam annoyance I experience. Nor experience it from my company InfoObjects.

This brings up the question of companies spending millions of dollars on sales strategies which translate to trying to sell ice to an Eskimo. We have spent years trying to build sales teams and have failed miserably every time. Business did continue to grow but that was not because we were trying to sell something. But because our customers and their referrals had and have a need. When someone needed an IT service and asked around, one of our customers who was happy with our service (which is true with all of our customers!) would tell them about InfoObjects and connect us with them.

Looking at our past experience, this year we decided to have a “no sales strategy” as our sales strategy. At the same time, we doubled our marketing budget. Marketing is just making people aware about your presence in the market. So if an Eskimo needs to buy a heater, he or she thinks of the heater company he/she has mostly heard about. Eskimos cannot dream of your company’s existence if they had never even heard of it while awake!

I cannot suggest that all marketing is good. In fact, I think that a lot of online ad spending is of no good use and but serves to deplete a company’s marketing budget. But well-targeted marketing to make customers aware of your offerings so that you come up well in a Google search and are only a phone call away, is a good investment and worth spending money upon.