Nature and Fairness

Nature and Fairness

You must have heard the term “Life is not fair.” To me, it seems like the biggest lie ever told.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that nature is very unbiased. I have been witness to many cases where I went out of my way to help people who have been unfairly treated. Unfairly in terms of luck and chance.

It was like nature’s way of telling me that I am treating these people for what they have done in the past. “And please don’t come in my [nature’s] way.”

And I, every time, have come in the way. Sometimes not even listening to anyone’s legal or sound advice that it’s none of my business.

Interestingly, in every case, with no exception, the same people have been most thankless. When I say thankless, I do not mean that I ever expected anyone to come and thank me. What I mean by thankless is that they think you harmed them (like anyone else they have been associated with).  The best way to understand it is by understanding the “victim mindset” (

So, with plenty of those people around you and what you do, well, you focus on creating value.

Creating value for your company. Creating value for humanity. These may look very different, but actually are not. People with a value-creation mindset create value everywhere: for their employer, in the company they own, in the company they keep.