My Sungazing experience


This blog was originally published on Jan 25, 2012.

Two days ago, my eyes were paining and I was sure I was going to need glasses ( If I were living in a parallel universe without sunlight).

As most of you know that I got rid of my glasses using Bates method in 2003. The confusion I had was that Bates Method has two techniques which are primarily used:

  1. Palming
  2. Sun gazing

Last time I tried both but I had gut feeling that it was sun light  that did the actual trick. Since I did both last time I had no way to know what works. So this time I had a chance I didn’t want to miss.

First day, I did palming every hour or two. It did bring some relaxation but within 10 minutes, back to pain. It continued the whole day. Next day, rather than going to the regular gym, I went to jog on the street and did sun gazing for at least 10 minutes. Interestingly all the pain was gone and I worked till 10:30, 14 odd hours at the office and did not get tired. So finally, I was able to prove my own theory.

I strongly believe sun light is the best gift to all of us by nature.

I do not know much about hell but one thing I know for sure is that there is no sunlight there.

When I see  Ads of Ray-Ban, Bausch & Lomb and other companies which imply that Sun is Evil, I really feel sorry for folks who fall prey to it.

I do give credit to their marketing teams for creating such delusion. The closest analogy I can come up with is with drug dealers. If you believe that drugs bring happiness to your life, after some time, they only way you can bring happiness to life would be through drugs and that also with diminishing returns.

The same holds true for sunglasses or anything else you do to stop direct exposure to sun-light. Primary reason people have eye-sight issues is that their eyes become too sensitive to sun-light. People with near-sightedness can recall, how it feels when they try to read something at a distance. Words becomes hazy and kind of intermix with haze.

As you exposure yourself more to sun-light, your eyes learn(relearn to be correct) to handle light. The more light eyes are exposed to, better they get at handling it or in other words become less sensitive to it. This can be understood by simple life examples like drinking coffee. If you drink 5 coffees a day, would you get same kick as you get if you drink one coffee a day. In fact you may not get any kick at all.

I encourage everyone to start doing some sun-gazing preferably in the early morning or late evening and benefit from it.

P.S: Sun-gazing will not work without palming. I have played down role in palming in this blog as palming is a way to relax rather than something which actually improves your eye-sight. That being said do as much palming as possible, it would be extremely helpful.