Man’s quest for serotonin balance

It is not easy to look at all the faiths, meditation practices, yoga, and various other things from one perspective. Let me suggest one perspective, all of these are quests to keep our serotonin levels balanced.

Whether you are meditating twice a day, praying five times, or visiting a place of worship, all of these are focused on projecting happiness chemicals in our bodies to a balanced level.

Why is serotonin needed in our body?

Serotonin is known as the happiness chemical. It is a neurotransmitter and its twin brother dopamine is also discussed in the same context. Most people learn about serotonin when they or someone they know is suffering from depression. Prescribed Anti-depressant drugs are essentially serotonin inhibitors.

In a society addicted to consumption and over indulgence, it makes sense that more discussions are being brought up about depression over happiness and inspiration. Its analogous to talking about how to get rid of credit card debt vs how to save money.

Let me make an attempt to define the state of being inspired. One way to put it is as equanimous state of mind for the creative. Its not the state of happiness but state of calm. Left brain running at idle mode. Right brain full swing.