Limiting Thoughts

  • Bondage

Back in 1986, when I was taking a test one time, I had one essay left and five minutes to go. I knew that the essay could not be done in five minutes, so I did not attempt it. A friend of mine started two minutes after that and kept on working on his essay until the teacher actually came to pick up the answer sheets. As it was, it took the teacher a few minutes to collect the answer sheets from everyone after the bell had rung.

Sometimes, small things make a deep impact on your life, and this was one of them. What was limiting me was not the time restraints, but my limiting thoughts. I did not attempt the essay thinking that it would not be possible to finish it. Limiting thoughts do have their own weird logic (or lack of it), like here in my experience in college my not attempting to write the essay would be better than handing in an unfinished essay.

Actually it was just an afterthought. A limiting thought process comes along, however, with a gift, and that is in revealing one having a coarse brain! For the brain sometimes does not think deep enough. Because it’s easier and lazier not to do so!

Over the past weekend I was thinking why I had not been able to spend enough time working on our product from last week. The immediate thought which came to my mind was “You know what, you know you cannot do product and services together.” Again, limiting thoughts like this can sound so convincing, especially since they are also so convenient. However, within minutes I realized that it was the lazy me talking, and then I recalled the episode in 1986.