Love Your Job or Hate Your Job? This Simple Question Makes All the Difference!

Love Your Job or Hate Your Job? This Simple Question Makes All the Difference!

I have seen so many people, especially today’s young, who become super excited when they get a new job. And then within a few weeks start cursing the job and start cursing their employer and start cursing everything.

They believe they deserve more.  I do see this issue more often in America, but I am sure it’s a worldwide phenomenon. Why it’s more prevalent in America may be due to that a good job and a good life are taken for granted.

Let’s expand upon this phenomenon and say that you do not love your spouse or your kids or your friends. Do you think they’ll stay with you for long? The same is true about jobs, and moreover the same is true about every opportunity.

If you give respect to opportunity, be thankful for it. it will lead to good results. If you start cursing, you’ll get bad results soon enough.

I have had a lot of employees like this over the years.

I used to think if anyone is given an opportunity they’ll do wonders. Most of the people do not do great because they do not get opportunities.

I could not be farther from the truth. Most people do not do great because they are stupid. I have seen it firsthand many times over.

Sometimes it works like a lottery winning. I once hired an employee many years back who was jobless for a long time. It was her first time in the corporate world. It worked well for a week or two, and then she was expecting a 80% pay raise. Why? Because stupid people have stupid friends. In this case, one of her friends suggested that since she was reporting to the CEO she should get x amount dollars, and so she thought she deserved x amount dollars. I did not say no to it straight off, but said we’ll consider it after a few months looking at her performance. So you would think her performance would go up. Instead, her performance kept getting worse and worse. Then one fine day she was let go. She is still looking for a job after so many years and no doubt wishes that luck will give her another chance.

Another variation on this are super smart people. These are the people who use smaller companies as a stop-gap measure. This is especially true in sales positions since it takes up to six months for even a superstar to deliver results. So why not join any company who is ready to offer you a job and medical insurance? You can sit there for six months while you are trying to find a cozy job in a big comfortable environment (rather than in the trenches). You are either lucky in six months or will be let go and can go back to claiming unemployment.

The problem is even this strategy does not work anymore. Small companies know now who is taking advantage of them, and big companies know who has really been in the trenches and who is bluffing.

What’s the morale of the story? It’s simple.

Love your job, bless your job and always do the best you can.