Doing it vs doing it well

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If you have worked hard in your carreer, you have heard some form of the phrase “80% of success is showing up”. Yet, you can probably think of a few situations where showing up didn’t do anything for you.

I think the phrase is very powerful, but it is oversimplified. There are things like meditation or exercise where the biggest hurdle is physical. In those cases, the more times you show up the better you will get as practice itself will make you better everytime. In fact, if you want to fail miserably at any of these, you should try to be a perfectionist (or better termed over-achiever.) 

There are other places where attention to detail matter. Look at academics: I showed up at school every day aside from maybe 30 leaves altogether in 13 years. And so did the students who are nowhere in life. So there: It was not just showing up but keen interest and attention to detail which mattered. Was I attentive all the time? I wish. But I was attentive more often than not.