Is Success Really a Matter of Chance?

Is Success Really a Matter of Chance?

I keep wondering how much success or even wealth is a trailing indicator rather than a leading indicator.

I meet so many people who think life is unfair to them because they deserve to be in a very high position in the organization they are working for. Or they should be making 10 times more than what they are making.

The truth is this: If God gives them the position they wish for, they will be a disaster at the organization they work for.

If God gives them the wealth they wish for, they will be disaster for that money.

In fact, position and money are not the right motivators for anyone whether they’re deserving or not. Both position and money are trailing indicators, for they are a reward and nothing more than that.

What matters is what you become in the process. In the process of rising up the corporate ladder, in the process of earning wealth.

Am I a better person now with a $5M company compared to a couple of years ago when the company was only $0.5M? Absolutely. I have failed many times before taking the company every inch, every dollar, every penny forward. This failure has led to learning. And that learning has led to growth–to personal growth.

If you think life is unfair, think again.

If you spend hours watching TV and expect money to suddenly show up in a lottery, you know who is unfair: you or life.

If you spend hours surfing in the office and expect your employer to give you a promotion or pay raise, you know who is unfair: you or Life.

If this is so simple, why doesn’t everyone get it? The problem is popular culture. Popular culture celebrates accidental successes. A typical example being a couch potato who has won hundreds of millions of dollars in the lottery. Luck and unearned wealth are applauded and celebrated. But hard work and hard-fought success are not.