Daily Dose of Inspiration

Daily Dose of Inspiration

Daily Dose of Inspiration:

In a previous blog I mentioned that Buddha described four types of foods we eat. They are:

1. Physical Food
2. Mental Food
3. Environmental Food
4. Past Conditioning

Though all four play their own important roles, I think Mental Food has it’s own importance. One of the mental foods we all need is Inspiration. Since it’s a food, we need a daily dose of it like we take actual meals. It can come from various sources. The following is a list of sources (not exhaustive) for it:

• Prayer
• Music
• Inspirational/Encouraging Words
• Meditation

Every source has a different potency, with Meditation having the highest of them. The surprise member of this group is Music. It never made logical sense to me how Music inspires you. Interestingly, lyrics do not have as much role to play here. I would put them in the Inspiration/Encouraging Words category. But I think Music has something to do with our brainwaves. There is something divine about it.

Prayer and Meditation both connect us to the Universe/God, whatever you call it. Prayer is a kind of diluted form of Meditation, therefore it’s easier to follow, but is less potent.