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Man vs The Mission

Every organization has a mission, whether it's for profit or non-profit. Though the word mission is abused and overused a lot, the truth still stands that the mission is always bigger than man. Humans have always struggled with the question of "Why do I exist?" I think most missions stem (or should) stem from this....


Buddha said two traits are highest and extremely rare in humans, and they are: 1. Gratitude 2. Helping others without expecting anything in return The opposite of these two, especially thanklessness, is all too common. After being in the business world for eight years now, I am still shocked by the prevalence of thanklessness I see. What makes...

Why Good Politics is Not Always Good Policy

It's been an interesting transformation in me with relation to left leaning views and right leaning views.  One of the reasons I was too left leaning before I started in business was because I did not understand the pains of business. I try to stay away from politics as much as possible, however. Not because I...