All Human Behavior Makes Sense

All Human Behavior Makes Sense

As I meet more and more people, it becomes evident to me how different people think and behave and how their behavior makes sense in their frame of reference. Obviously that frame of reference can be completely delusional/imaginary and have nothing to do with reality.

It becomes most interesting when I reach out to people. A lot of folks think I am reaching out because I need something from them. While it’s true that business happens between people and not companies, just knowing someone is hardly a cause to transact with someone.

Let me tell you a few things to make it evident. First some facts, which most of my readers already know:

  • I happen to run InfoObjects, which continues going through phenomenal growth year over year
  • I am an IIT Delhi alumnus
  • I love to network with people

Now the first fact. So far, we have received zero dollars of business from anyone in the IIT community (networking is overrated, especially with alumni). Second, most of our business we got because someone gave us a chance, we did good work and they kept giving us business and kept referring us to other folks who could benefit from our services.

Coming back to human behavior. Another way to look at it is that the world outside is a reflection of what people are inside. The universe is a giant reflector and it reflects on you what you throw at it. If you are greedy, you get to deal with stingy people. If you are generous, the universe throws money and opportunities your way.

A lot of times it becomes self-fulfilling prophecy. E.g., if someone thinks I am mean, they would only look for clues of meanness in my behavior and filter out all generous acts. Now only two things can happen, either they get enough clues (real or self-created) that I am mean, or I give up on them and start interacting with them completely. Most of the time the latter occurs. Good people simply leave you because they can’t stand your delusional worldview. So the only people you are left with are people who are actually mean; thus you fulfill your prophecy.

To get a more complete explanation about this, read my blog post about the book Diamond Cutter.