• Facade

As a fast growing company, we have to walk a thin rope when making hiring decisions. There is a pressure to grow the team as fast as possible, but at the same time you need employees who align with the company’s goals.

The importance of alignment is something I have learned in a very hard way. The reason being I used to think of the world as my reflection. And this means that if given an opportunity, anybody can do an outstanding job. Well, I could not be farther from the truth.

There are different ways to look at alignment. One can be what motivates a potential job candidate. Is it quality of work, work environment, flexibility or money? Now, the answer to this would be a combination. Still, money motivates everyone. But if money is the only thing that motivates an employee, it’s a dangerous sign.

Money has to be combined with some type of work satisfaction. In fact, money does not play any active role in work once basic needs are fulfilled. This is the reason most folks who run after money are broke. Money is a result which comes after adding value to the workplace.

Some people refer to right traits as work ethics but I hesitate to use this word as it’s already abused a lot and everyone uses “work ethics” to suit their convenience.

The question arises: How do you evaluate these traits in potential employees? The interview process is too short and it’s easy to put on a facade. Reference check works to an extent, but serve very little useful purpose. This is the reason companies rely so heavily on candidates who come through internal or personal references.

Summarizing, while a properly aligned employee can be valuable beyond imagination, a misaligned one can be as dangerous as a mercenary.