Action Oriented Society

  • One step at a time

One of the things which has created a deep impact upon my life is David Allen’s methodology of Getting Things Done, or GTD, in short. I remember one of his quotes from the book which influenced me to want to convert society into an “action oriented society.”

All of us in life seemingly always have multiple projects going on at the same time, and each of those projects is prone to one powerful disease.  And that disease is called procrastination. However, David Allen has showed us the way to avoid it, and this by breaking the project into quantas, i.e., individual tasks. It can be very tough to make progress on a project, but it’s far easier to accomplish a task or sub-task.

Over the years I have developed the habit of asking at the end of every meeting, including customer meetings “What are action items?” This gives purpose to the meeting. You would say purpose is a “meeting agenda,” but that’s not really the case. Even if you start a meeting with a loose agenda, say general brainstorming for sales strategy and if you conclude the meeting with concrete action items, purpose is achieved.