Abundance Principle

When I was at IIT, I got attracted towards ISKCON before I moved to vipassana for good.

I was having a discussion one day with someone in the ISKCON tradition when the topic shifted to population. He brought a very interesting point, which I still remember very well. He said population is not an issue, it never has been. The issue is nature not being happy. The issue of population used to be much more in the past, and nature supported it with sufficient resources.

I will not go into debate about how right he was, as I would like to divert attention to something else. And that is limited thinking. Whether it’s limited thinking or limited resources, it’s a bane. What is opposite of limited is abundance.

Abundance means that life is not a zero sum game. If you are having a good crop does not mean that someone else is having a bad crop. If you are enjoying wealth does not mean someone else is poor because of it. And if you are happy does not mean that someone else has to be unhappy for it.