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Barking Up The Wrong Tree

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In business development and sales, it’s important to know who I am connecting with and where I’ll be punted. If I reach out to the top I’ll most probably be punted in the right direction.

This wisdom has come to me only after barking up the wrong tree one too many times. Sometimes, I would get in front of someone in a prospect company, and would passionately show our value proposition. Then there would be no response and I would scratch my head in bewilderment.

I would also take this cold shoulder behavior personally. In some cases, it might have been true that the other person thought I was too small a fish to fry. Mostly what happened, though, was that the other person was too busy with his/her own urgent tasks and had no time to think of added value at the organization level.



Typically, this business is more common at low and mid levels than at the higher levels in an organization. Most people at the top are wise enough to see the value. That being said, the people at the top are also the smartest people, so you cannot sell them what does not help them with their KPIs in a direct way.

What Else Could I Be?

Once in a while the thought occurs to me and enters my mind that if I were not a businessman + techie, what else could I be? What else would I be doing? Then I entertain several possibilities, which can be a very interesting experiment, though it does have a limited list of possibilities.

Let’s start with what I could not be (no matter how my life was sliced!):

  1. Cricketer
  2. Singer/Musician/Rapper
  3. Sportsman in general

Now let’s get to what I could possibly be. The ones highlighted are those I would still strive to become no matter what happens and irrespective of likelihood:

  1. Civil Servant (I have contemplated going in this direction for a few months)
  2. Theoretical Physicist
  3. Politician/Public Servant
  4. Writer
  5. Journalist

Could I be an ascetic? Perhaps, but I would still need to work a lot of things out before clearing the pathway for such a vocation. But it may take few lifetimes to reach!