Monthly Archives: January 2014

Fallacy of Logic

In our times, logic is given much more importance than it deserves, and emotions/sensitivity much less than what they deserve. Reason is not tough to find. It's a combination of betrayal by organized religion and the openness to scrutiny by science. Organized religion for centuries kept people in darkness and discouraged questioning and rational reasoning. After the...

What Am I Seeking?

There is a downside to living a fast-paced life, and that is the constant pursuit of excitement. It definitely has a positive side as it pushes you to achieve new heights. But it does bring a lot of dryness to life, as well. There is a constant battle to keep distractions away from life. There have...

English – The Language of Modernity

In my formative years I studied at a hardcore right-wing, Hindu nationalist, Hindi medium school. The first test I was given there in English was IIT-JEE, the most important test I ever took. When I went to Delhi in 1994, I was surprised by the prevalence of English in use there. Something on the tangent, there...