Monthly Archives: December 2012

Mindfulness to Avoid Traps

Meditation comes with side benefits--and tons of them! One of them is that you can think ahead. Every smart person can think ahead. But here I am talking about thinking ahead subconsciously, or effortlessly. Let me take two extreme cases to explain. There is a person say, Peets, who sees someone, say, at a gas station....

War and Peace

One question which has always bothered me--and an awful lot--is why people go to war? Are warmongers and peaceniks really two different species? The history of war and weapons is as old as the history of mankind itself. Every culture has stories of wars and the glory of its warriors. It has been in existence since the...

Daily Dose of Inspiration

In one of the blogs I mentioned that Buddha described for types of foods we eat, they are
  1. Physical Food
  2. Mental Food
  3. Environmental Food
  4. Past Conditioning
Though all 4 play their own important roles, I think Mental Food has it's own importance. One of the mental foods we all need is Inspiration. Since it's a food, we need daily dose...