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Can Someone Be a CEO Without Doing Sales?

I was having discussion with one of my friends a few weeks back and this question came up. What I have always thought was that a CEO is a glorified sales person. I still think the same way, and any deviation from this rule is an exception. Which is someone being really lucky or the...

Attitude vs Gratitude

When I see people growing professionally, I see them going on two tracks.
  1. People whose ego grows faster than their career grows
  2. People whose ego shrinks faster than their career grows
There are certain demographics to people in both categories. Mostly people in category one are people where luck played a bigger role than hard work in their success....

Why Things Should Work The First Time

A few days back I bought an Iomega network storage from Fry's.  I connected it to a wireless router at home and connected the software which came as a CD for my MAC. It did recognize the IP address but the status of drive showed it as off. I thought it may have something to do...

Who The Hell Are You?

I was thinking about some past employees we had back when the company was really young and small. It's kind of funny how they perceived my potential and the company's potential (and the lack of both in their perception). There was a sales guy in 2007 who decided to move on in just two months' time...

Death of Email

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Someone asked me at party a few days back what major technological change do I see coming in the next 10 years. I said 3D printers. I think that answer is true. But another thing which is going to be big in the next five to 10 years is the death of email.

What is interesting about it is that it will not happen overnight. But email, as we know it, will die a slow, torturous death.

What is going to replace it? I don’t really know.

I think the main reason email is going to die is because of its abuse. Let’s take the case of having access to me as a busy Silicon Valley CEO. Let me start with a disclaimer. The reason access to me or any other executive is limited is not because we want to show off our CEO status, but to limit our focus on serving key clients, planning strategy and to focus on value creation. Coming back to access, if you want to see me personally it would be impossible on the first go, unless we already know each other. The second option is through the phone, though my EA would make it impossible to get to me unless there is a compelling reason. You may know my cellphone number but I will not pick up or answer unless it’s from someone in my address book. What is left? Email. As long as you know my name and pattern company follows for email, you can email me.

Now you’d think how will your email get my attention out of hundreds I get? Well, the reason being crappy filters. I have yet to see any rule creation which actually works. We subscribed to Postini a year back and it was a disaster. So in order to avoid missing any important mails, I have to go through all of them. And it takes three to four hours each day. Out of these spent hours, probably an hour is really productive.

This kind of easy access and waste of productivity cannot go on for long. I know executives who keep two email addresses, one for public, one for private. It’s not a bad strategy but not a long-term solution.

In conclusion, for all dreamers who are looking for the next big idea, this is the domain to focus on.