Monthly Archives: March 2012

Fail Like Edison

Being an entrepreneur, you see failure all around. Most of the battles I fight are uphill. Uphill battles increase your chances of failure tenfold. But those are the only battles that the brave fight! One great example of a big loser was Thomas Edison. Let me qualify this. If you measure someone by the number of...

Train Your Subconscious for Success

Your subconscious is not you but your boss. The subconscious goes by the facts, not fiction. It observes what you do, and based on that it predicts what you'll do in the future. It does not go by what you think or claim. It does not differentiate whether you are dealing with exercise, daily meditation, project deadlines...

Spirituality and Theoretical Physics

As I started walking on the path of Dhamma step by step, interestingly I also started developing curiosity in theoretical physics. I am sure I am not the only one. There are few things which spirituality has in common with science:
  • There is no God or Intelligent Design but mere principles which run the show
  • Do not trust anyone but...

Spirituality and Entrepreneurship

I have been fortunate enough that in 2005/2006 I started my own business. And around the same time I started making constant progress in meditation (though my first introduction to vipassana was in 1997). Now I run a significant size business and have been fortunate to make reasonable progress upon the path of spirituality. This unique...

What Success Really Is

I have always wondered about this question. Is it how much money you make or where you are in corporate ladder? How do we define success? I think it’s defined by what level you are looking at or from. As David Allen says, is it a view from 30,000 feet or 1000 feet? For me the 30K-foot...

Day Trading and EQ

I think the best way to test your emotional intelligence is to do Day Trading. Money, both gain and loss (especially big gains and losses in a short period), brings all the fears, uncertainties and doubts out. This also brings out whether you perceive it as a game or gamble. The classic difference between the two is whether you are...


Buddha said two traits are highest and extremely rare in humans, and they are: 1. Gratitude 2. Helping others without expecting anything in return The opposite of these two, especially thanklessness, is all too common. After being in the business world for eight years now, I am still shocked by the prevalence of thanklessness I see. What makes...